Diversity & Inclusion Professionals

Financial Empowerment Tips from DAIP

As Diversity and Inclusion Professionals (DAIP), understanding and promoting financial literacy is essential to addressing systemic inequalities and increasing generational wealth among marginalized groups. 

This document provides valuable financial empowerment tips curated specifically for DAIP, offering practical strategies to help individuals and communities achieve financial independence and resilience. 

Kevin Matta


Kevin Matta  (he, him, his) is a strategic differentiator, comfortable challenging the status quo, and brings both passion and experience to ensure client success and human engagement with his brilliant ability to make connections.

Kevin’s interest in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work developed as he witnessed his parents encounter inequities and injustices while navigating the American healthcare and workplace landscape. His passion for this work continues to be strengthened by the systemic injustices people around the world continue to experience.

Kevin serves as president of DAIP’s board of directors.