Diversity & Inclusion Professionals


Diversity and Inclusion Professionals works as a networking, educational, and professional organization that brings diversity practitioners together from all economic sectors. We serve as dialogue partners to key stakeholders in the region and invite our members to participate in meaningful and sometimes controversial discussions about how to engage our state’s emerging majorities in government, business, education, and politics to achieve the best for everyone.

Annual Award Nominations are OPEN!

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Diversity & Inclusion Professionals (DAIP) is a non-profit, networking and professional development organization that promotes equity and inclusion as important elements of business and community success.

DAIP was founded in 2009 as the outgrowth of an informal network of diversity practitioners. Participants saw the need to involve a broader base of professionals in the inclusion discussion and; to create a community dialogue about how diversity and inclusion impact economic development, employment, education, corporate governance and community success.

A commitment to diversity and inclusion is a commitment to culture change.”

Linda Newton

DAIP Founder