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Diversity & Inclusion Professionals (DAIP) is a non-profit professional development organization that brings diversity practitioners together from all economic sectors. DAIP’s mission is to serve as a community resource and a unique opportunity for professionals from the business, government, non-profit and academic sectors to collaborate, learn, and create a community dialogue regarding relevant diversity and inclusion topics.


Annual Award Nominations are OPEN!

DAIP honors exceptional leaders in the DEI space each year and hosts a luncheon in their honor. Do you know a local organization or individual that should be recognized?

Deadline to nominate is Friday, October 14, 2022


Want to challenge yourself, expand your knowledge, and connect with other DEI-minded professionals? We have programming for you, no matter where you are in your career path or personal development journey.

Annual Awards Luncheon

DAIP’s Annual Leadership in Diversity & Inclusion Awards Luncheon brings our community together to honor award recipients and learn from inspiring thought leaders. Information on this year’s celebration coming soon!

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Unfiltered Coffee Chats

Sponsored by Bolt Coffee, Unfiltered is a virtual conversation to share space with DEI thought-leaders. Join us and be ready to share your difficult questions, unpopular opinions, and your lived experience at home and work related to DEI.

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Learn With DAIP

DAIP hosts programming with partners like RI SHRM to highlight timely and important thought leaders, concepts, and debates in the DEI field. Come learn with us!

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DAIP is a professional development organization that promotes equity and inclusion as important elements of business and community success.

Founded in 2009 out of an informal network of diversity practitioners, participants saw the need to create a formal organization to involve a broader base of professionals in their discussions and create a community dialogue about how diversity and inclusion impact economic development, employment, education, corporate governance, and community success.

We need different voices to bring a kaleidoscope of thinking.”

Ralph Tavares

DAIP Board President

Photo Courtesy of Providence Business News